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Pitambari… 30 Glorious Years of Serving Indian Households…

Business Icon :Mr. Ravindra Prabhudesai (Pitambari Products Pvt. Ltd.)

It is said that a “Marathi Manus” alias a Maharashtrian person cannot be a successful businessman and business is not his cup of tea. But there have been a major twist in this scenario with time. Now a “Marathi Manus” have proved himself by implementing his wisdom and turned out to be a successful businessman. The well renowned brands on list includes established Maharashtrian businessmen like Mr Pendharkar owning Vicco, Mr Dandekar owning Camlin, Mr Bhausaheb Kelkar owning S.H. Kelkar Company, Mr. Kirloskar and many more.

In nearly three decades, Mr. Ravindra Prabhudesai (Managing Director) has managed to mark Pitambari Products Pvt. Ltd. in the list of established brands. He got the legacy of business from his father Late Mr Vamanrao Prabhudesai. Instead of continuing his father's transportation business, he was more inclined towards doing something innovative that led to the formation of Pitambari Products Pvt. Ltd.

The journey of 30 years recites a tale of success from manufacturing Pitambari shining powder at household level used to shine the copper-brass utensils, to an yearly turnover of about 200 crore.The company comprises of nine divisions namely 1) Homecare 2) Healthcare 3) Foodcare 4) Agrocare 5) Agarbatti 6) Perfumary 7) Digicare 8) Solar 9) Export with more than 77 products. The company is well established in 29 states and five union territories with 166 superstockists, 3560 distributors and 5, 18,658 shops throughout the country.
Pitambari have been into business with five continents including more than 26 countries. Pitambari is a family of about 1620 employees that strive hard for the development of the company.
The company has earned an ISO-9001-2008 certificate in quality improvement. The company has production units in 4 states in India. Advanced and established R&D centre is the gem of the company which have been granted DSIR certificate by the central government. All the division-wise product research is done in this centre.

The company works with a motive of “Innovation & Quality” in every division based on the principle “Customer is God”. Since Pitambari is enrooted in FMGC, the housewife has been the main customer. However, with time Pitambari have managed to increase this target audience with its innovative products that emphasizes on taste, health, technology and solar energy.

Pitambari have been reaching out to its customers through all possible ways like print media, social media, TV advertisement, radio, endorsement in various programs, product seminars, exhibitions that have successfully created a place in their heart. The essentials required for this process is fulfilled with an in-house creative department that includes visualizers, creative artists and copy righters that is another strength of the company. Hence, the company does not rely on any advertising agency for the advertisements and independently handles the same to endorse the products as per the contracts with the media houses.

Pitambari was established by the Prabhudesai family. The Prabhudesai family owns a lion share in the success of Pitambari Company till date. However, with the development of the company, Ravi Sir focused on the professional aspects and felt the need to plan strategies. This was implemented with the formation of executive council compromising of 10 members. This team includes the strong pillars of Pitambari. Further, nine divisional heads with additional 20 members formed the core team and a sub core team of 130 members. This portrays the hierarchy of the company.

The management studies states that a 10 % i.e. Critical Mass of the total manpower is actually responsible for smooth functioning & development of the company. The manpower of Pitambari is about 1600. So based on this number and above mentioned data, the total number of council members is 170. With the help of this empowered team, company is succeeding rapidly with time.

The other parameters responsible for the development of the company are its principles that are strictly followed till date. No compromise with quality, prohibition of any illegal way and keeping up to the word within the allocated time are the main principles of the company. The company follows some professional ethics, however, every employee have an emotional bond with this professional family i.e. Pitambari. These professional relations that keep them united are the highlight of the company.

Minimum cost with supreme quality, continuous development, availability throughout the country and abroad with development as a business are the main goals of the company. Keeping a track of competition and inflation, Pitambari aims at maintaining the 25 % growth rate every year.

To maintain the rapid growth, the company does not rely on investors for financial support. The company plans on welcoming its customers to invest in term of shares by making it public limited. Currently the banks like TJSB, KJSB, JKSB, ICICI have been providing financial services whenever needed.

In the initial phase, the company has been working with the available manpower, knowing their capabilities and training them in the field they lack. However, finding people working for the company with required eligibility, deep knowledge and experience is the need of the hour. Though this is difficult task, it isn't impossible. The company does not consider this as an obstacle and is working towards this agenda.

If we overlook the journey of Pitambari, we can see that in 1989 when the company was established, it only manufactured Homecare products. Later in 1995, the Healthcare division was established. In 2000, Agrocare division was established and within 2000-2010, Oil and Foodcare divisions were established in succession. Later by 2015 Agarbatti and Perfumary divisions and after 2015 Solar and Digicare divisions were established.

In the past 30 years, by manufacturing the shining powder at home to shine copper-brass utensils, Pitambari have slowly and steadily achieved a milestone of 200 crore and marked itself on an international platform. In the coming years the company plans on achieving a target of 500 crore. However, this is not possible without the support of suppliers, employees, distributors and consumers. Yet we are certain to receive their support and co-operation to achieve this milestone.

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