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Emerging Brand :Tushar Bhagat(G5 Web Services)

If life throws us into a pool of challenges we must accept and overcome them skilfully. An entrepreneur's life is filled with ups and downs and how he sails through is what matters. Let's us know in details about Mr Tushar Bhagat, a Mumbai-based IT Entrepreneur Services and his life journey of being an employee to CEO of a company.

The Chief Executive Officer, G5 Web Services –Web3World- an integrated services firm specializing in the creation of online and offline IT solutions, Tushar started his career as a freelance service provider. Describing about his journey, from freelancing to owning a company, he informs after freelancing he got a job in a company. But eventually it wanted to close its operations. It was at this moment that he took over that company and relaunched it in the name of "G5 Web Services". It began its operations in the year 2003. “My Sister was working in the same company for quite a few years, so I got good support from her in the initial days of my entrepreneurship journey. She is still a great support to me,” he mentions.

Elaborating on his background, interests and career graph, Tushar says, "I completed my B.E. Computer from Mumbai University in 2001. As soon as I completed my engineering, there was complete recession and people had lost jobs. Very few IT jobs existed and thus, I had to begin with freelancing to gain experience and earn some penny. My first assignment was for a client based in USA which gave me immense experience." A passionate learner and love for experiments, Tushar had participated in several competitions during his college days including the Robotics competitions in IIT Mumbai. And this passion even today reflects in his entrepreneurship.
The G5 Web Services began offering web development work but slowly started working on various CRM, ERP, and Other web-based software. They are also looking into Web Development, Hosting, Domain Registration and Email Hosting. "Currently, we are looking into a new field of "Robotic Process Automation, where we can create software robots which can take over daily tasks of the data entry, form processing etc,” he adds.
Since the popularity of mobile applications became stronger in the market they have recently started with mobile app development division. Their first client was Microsoft India for whom they signed contract for just four, but ended up getting the contract for 400+ applications.

"Till 2008 their major client base was in Canada. However, the company figured out the huge potential in the Indian market in the year 2008 and changed its focus. Few of their premium clientele includes Intel, Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra Finance, Godrej etc,” he adds.

Having presence on social media has become of prime importance. These days every company wants to bombard with information to reach to maximum audience. When asked about the importance on being engaged on social media platforms, Tushar says, “Business is more competitive now-a-days than earlier, so your presence in the market has to be prominent. People should recollect your brand whenever they need your service. Brand recollections go well when you have good visibility. Social Media is the best way to do this. However, it's not the only way. However, if you have a real social angle to your products or work it always helps. I worked closely with companies for Cyber Safety and Other IT Issues.”

A successful entrepreneurship first and foremost is a 'mindset', one need to develop an unshakable self-belief and a risk-taking spirit to be able to consistently be successful or a legend. Giving more thoughts on this point, Tushar shares, "The entrepreneurship machine has been known to chew and spit out a lot of great people, just because they weren't aware of the five mental attributes of agile businesses namely anticipation of failures, delegation, curiosity and the enthusiasm to learn, hunger for opportunity and an ability to follow instincts.”

Recently, he has co-founded a Start-up called “Faroce” which will help MSME to solve their small issues with help of industry people having more than 10 to 25 years of experience who are willing to share their knowledge. The system is so efficient that one can get a consultation on their problem online without much of hassle.

One needs a constant source of energy to be productive. So when we spoke to him about his source of inspiration, Tushar says the more we offer to the society, higher is our productivity. He further says he works as a Trustee for an NGO called 'Ahaan Foundations' which runs a program called 'Responsible netism' in various schools and colleges and also 'Digital Stree Shakti' for empowerment of women on Social Media and Digital Platform. "We work along with UNICEF and Twitter on various projects making sure the digital cyber space is safe for kids, women, and elderly people,” concludes Tushar.

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