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Emerging Brand : Mrs Nita Nitin Kadam (Shadow Venture)

A shadow never leaves us…rather; it’s the only faithful companion of us forever. And there is a light behind every shadow. Well, this applies to Pune-based ‘Shadow Venture’ as well which is always with us for our physical and mental well being. Mrs Nita Kadam and her better half Mr Nitin are the light behind this shadow!

Shadow Venture, The place where Investment is Intellectual and Quality is the Business...The Director of ‘Shadow Venture’ Nita met Nitin during her college days at Pharma College in Satara nineteen years ago and then they became life partners. After pursuing B Pharm degree, Nita worked for different recognized multinational pharmaceutical companies for 9 years while Nitin went for post graduation and further for doctorial studies and entered into academic career as professor at Sinhagad Pharmacy College in Pune. Further he moved to industry in research & development and continued with it on career path.

“I left my job after 9 years of working and started Shadow Pharma Venture Private Limited. My husband continued his job, but he has always been the backbone of the company. Being a scientist, a writer, an academician, a life coach and a pharmacist, his experience forms the foundation of our venture. We follow the principle of ‘Zero Investment’, ultimately ‘Zero Risk’,” says Nita.
Basically, the ‘Shadow Venture’ is a group of three companies, amongst which pharmaceutical Company is the flagship company which operates in R&D, manufacturing and distribution of own brands in export market, now soon to launch in India. The other two includes Schatten Food and Beverages Pvt Ltd. Company and the Unik Feel Creations in Publications, Art and Entertainment respectively.

“Shadow Pharma focuses on production and export of various drug products, personal care and health care products. Our quality products like Shadow Gynosh – A Female Intimate wash, Shadow SkinFud oil, Shadow Skia skin care range etc are available in export market. Very soon company is planning national launch of all products in e-commerce like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, including own e-commerce portal and Modern trade segments like D-Mart, Hypercity, BigBazar etc.. Currently, we are in the process of specializing in female care segment with ‘Female personal care’, which will be launched across India before Diwali this year,” she informs

Shadow’s another ambitious project is ‘Schatten Foods & Beverages Private Limited, having its trademark as ‘The Flavaours of Maharashtra’ and Café TFM as Dine-in and QSR franchises. As the name suggests, it aims at taking the Maharashtra’s traditional cuisine to the international level. Nita says, “We are not looking at local bulk market, but are focusing on the international franchise. We are eager to launch these projects soon in coming future.”

Thus ‘Shadow Venture’ is growing day-by-day since last four years. But the story doesn’t end here. Nita and Nitin, although busy with their research and production, spare time for recreation through creativity in publication, art and entertainment. They have converted this passion into their third enterprise i.e ‘Unik Feel Creations’. Unik Feel is unique platform for the exceptional talent to bring out them in to their own flashlight they deserve. UnikFeel is committed to uplift the talent in Poetry, Storytelling, Stand-up Comedy, and so on through official YouTube channel. Currently, open mike events titled “Me with myself” and ticketed shows are going on in many states and cities across the country. Its first theme-based stage event namely ‘Unique Feel’sLoL – a stand-up comedy’ will be launched shortly in Pune, Mumbai and then throughout India. Story telling events, talent shows, Unique Feel Pune Film Festival, drama competition etc are in the pipeline. One film is ready to release and two webseries are under discussion. As a Publication house have presence on every platform in 195 countries worldwide with books in Marathi, Hindi, English languages.

“Theatre is the first love for both of us. We want to give glamour back to the theatre by bringing theatre on digital platform. We are also coming up with an android and IOS app next month giving virtual space to the artists and performers. Main vision of Unik Feel is to establish as a known Production house in Entertainment segment.” Nita tells.

So, this is all about the ‘Shadow Venture’ that provides services in the three drastically opposite fields, but having a shadow effect on each other. Food is inseparable part of our health and both food and health reflect in our art and culture. And ‘Shadow Venture’ is working on all of them with the unique and self explanatory tag line for group of companies, “Quality by Diversity”.

Nita carries an extraordinary management skill to drive the business towards the new heights of success by each passing day. Her business mantra is ‘SLOWLY BUT CONSISTENTLY STEADY’. Now, ‘Shadow Foundation’ is taking shape to work in health and education as a social responsibility

As its logo suggests, the two hands are the symbol of life and care and the green leaf in between is the representation of health, prosperity and growth. So, no doubt, under the shadow of ‘Shadow Venture’ one can relax peacefully, enjoying all aspects of life-from health to soul.

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