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Emerging Brand : Varsha Kulkarni (Make Up Artist)

VARSHA MARATHE KULKARNI…. a renowned, professional makeup artist. who is passionate about beauty and the artshas had the privilege of working on some of the most fascinating faces in the Marathi Film industry… to name a fewSavita Malpekar,MadhavAbhyankar, AtulKasava, ShrutiAtre,AvinashKharshikar, Ravi Patwardhan, Jayant Savarkar and so on …”I’ve very many assignments to my merit…. likeweddings,theatre plays, films,advertisements,catalogues, short films, events, performances, fashion shows. To name a few a play called TuzeAheTuzaPashi, alsoa film called Youth Tube and there’s one in the pipeline. “

While speaking about her initial struggling days Varsha said that, “Though I began my career with a small assignment but I always believed that no work is small and went on with the flow. I took up the assignment that came my way, irrespective of their size, people or production and gradually the word spread and now here I am…. a successful makeup artist. Once the lady luck smiled on me….my career was filled with multicolours”

While speaking how she entered this industry,“I had always been creative and dreamt myself behind the scenes, wanting to do makeup. I was fascinated and attracted towards this glamourous field since I was a child. Basically, I’m a commercial artist so but naturally the creative person trapped inside me didn’t let me think anything else…. I always believed and knew thatI wanted to be a professional makeup artist. In my opinion I don’t consider any particular person as my“guru” or a mentor as such.As I am a keen observant,I learn from each one I meetand get inspired.Yes, but definitely the first and the basiclesson I learnt in makeup and hair dressing was from Satya Naidu. So, reckon her as my first ‘guru’. Professionally I began my career with one act play (ekankika) followed by a short film, play and now a commercial film. Initially when I accepted my first assignment, I was bit apprehensive but I converted it into confidence and that triggered bigger and better opportunities. Now that I’ve reached this position it’s only and only because of my family’sutmost support. They’re mypillar of strength. My greatest supports are my mother and my husband and I owe all my success to them”

On asking what makeup actually consists of,she expressed “I believe that the slightest bit of makeup can transform person’spersonality and boosts their confidence. It’s not about who you aredisguisingrather enhancing their natural beauty. It must look flawless but the overall finish needs to look ultra-natural.We are responsible for adorning and beautifying the facial aesthetics through makeup and determining what is suitable by having the knowledge of different types of makeups and its technics.

When asked what changes have happened in the field of makeup industry Varsha said,’’ Makeup as an art has become more advance and upgraded in terms of products and the technical approach to it. Actually,this is a highly skill-basedprofession. Each one has different genres.Makeup done for any function, prosthetic or for anyparticular character for shooting areall diverse in their own way.Each one has its own distinctive characteristics and forms. For example, theatrical makeup is bit loud and the makeup in the filmrequires more fineness and forthe prosthetic makeup the makeup artist has to create anentirely new character.

When asked about her fortitude she promptly exclaimed ‘’my strength lies in my, reliability, energy, integrity, dedication, commitment humbleness, honesty and patience. People recommendme for my what I am! My personality always sets me apart from the other artists. This industry is incredibly competitive. A makeup artist should always keep on updatingandupgrading their knowledge and theirmakeup kit. Everyartist is different and fight their own battle. There was a time when woman makeup artists weren’t recognised at all.Rather tabooed.Female artistsweren’tissued a card from the artists association. After completing my training, I approached one well-known makeup artist for an assignment. There I was got to learn that,beinga female artist,I’vechosen a wrong professionand I can’t abe a makeup artist for film n theater. Maximum I can achieve in this industry is by beinga bridal make-up artist and that’s all. It was a bolt from the blue for me but I kept on working incessantly. And now the tables have turned, the female artistsare recognised from the artist association and I feel it’s the biggest achievement for the women working in this industry.

While speaking about her quality she said ‘’I’m a professional makeup artist for past 10 years and love what I do every single day. I treat my clients with utmost respect. Being a professional person,I remain open and speak from a place of expertise and the client feels comfortable. My customers inspire me the most. I love to hear about their concerns what they want and I give suggestions and execute. After the service is complete and I hand the mirror overandwhenthat AA-HAA moment happens… it’s the most satisfactory moment for me to see my clients feeling beautiful, confident and stunning!

When asked what she loves most about being a makeup artist she said,’’As a profession one has to travel a lot to various locations, sets with lengthy working hour.Sometimes I’m away for outdoor shooting for couple of days. But once you understand and fathom the intensity and the demands of this profession and accept it smilingly …..then the success is all yours.I have experiences that I just would never have if it weren’t for being a makeup artist. When we shoot all the unit becomes a one big family which creates a great bonding amongst us.”

As we were about to conclude our conversation Varsha with a glow on her face and a glint in her eyes said.” Ihave several great experiences to share.But here I would like to share one such incident that gave me a great sense of happiness. Once it so happened that a bride’s mother got so panicky and went bizarre….she wasn’t in the mood to listen to any kind ofsuggestion … but with my experience, knowledge and confidence, I continued my work and then came a moment of truth, I finished upand the mother saw her daughter, she was awestruck …!! she had tears up in her eyes, she gasped,and said “ all thanks to you…. my daughter had never looked this beautiful ever!” and apologised to me in front of the entire baratis. It was the most rewardingand memorable moment for me.”
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