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Emerging Brand : Mr. Umesh Pawar (Director at Dream Works Realty LLP)

A new venture invariably gets asked this one question: what’s your USP? The answer to this seemingly simple question anything but simple. And that’s because most businesses start up rather casually and don’t have a ‘USP’. It’s not that they don’t “have” a USP. It’s just that most don’t define it.

Defined or undefined, written or unwritten, practically everysuccessful businessperson does ask himself/ herself this question before kicking off their business. Andit is the answer to this seemingly simple question that sets apart a successful entrepreneur from the rest. Among them, the successful ones is Dreams Works Realty’s Founder, and trusted Property Advisor from Pune, Mr Umesh Pawar.

Everyone dreams but few have the perseverance and mettle to chase their dreams to reality. Umesh is one such dreamer. And chaser!He started his work-life in the commercial banking sector in the year 2001 upon completing his graduation. His enterprising spirit though did not allow him to find solace in a desk job. In the year 2012 his dreams finally found its wings when HSBC lay-off 3,500 employees with Umesh being one of them. Instead of taking it as the end of the road, he saw in it a blessing in disguise! After a thorough research and with a positive outlook, he entered the real estate sector NOTas a broker/Agent but as an advisor. In his new venture, he was sure of one thing among others! That the contacts and network he had developed while in employment would come of use. They did!

Umesh entered the field of realty as a freelance advisor in the affordable housing sector and in the first month itself managed to crack 15 to 20 deals. Success boosted his confidence but destiny had other plans. The real-estate entity he represented shut shop. Not one to lie low, Umesh went solo and started his own outfit on September 1, 2012 with everything to demoralize early entrepreneurship like funds crunch, space crunch and of course manpower crunch. But when the tough get going, the Gods too chip in! His friends Mr Sameer Shelar seeing his determination and zeal to succeed, offered him his fully furnished office rent-free for a year to kick-start his enterprise.

That was then. Now, Umesh has his own office at Bavdhan with a team comprising of almost a dozen professionals advisors. His hard-work and never-say-die attitude saw him rough it out and bring things into place. Including the team he has today who comprise some of Pune’s most trusted and admired of advisors.

Umesh prides himself for being a visionary and one who dares to think out-of-the-box. He is known in the industry to focus on a subject, gain mastery over it and then use it effectively in business to work out the perfect win-win solution. This has seen him work aggressively on deals in new properties in Pune. His vast experience in the field has brought him to the realization that customers trust you only where they are sure of your knowledge and understanding of the field.

For the last six years, he had been working hand-in-hand with reputed builders in Pune such as Paranjpe, Mittal Brothers, Godrej, Gera, Shobha Developers, Brahma Corp and Skyi Developers to name a few. His focus till a while back remained confined to Pune east. Today, his network of advisors is spread all over Pune. Understanding the customers’ needs, knowing of available options, conducting site visits and even helping clients grabthe best deal(s) from builders are some of the services his firm offers.

Umesh is also an official channel partner for renowned builders of India who have projects in Pune. This too showcases his aggressiveness and truthful nature of work. This is unique in itself and a feather in his cap given thatmost brokers and agents dare not to deal directly with the builders. What is noteworthy here is that Umesh does not charge any fees or brokerages from customers in spite of being involved in every aspect- from hunting for prospective places to finalizing the deal.

With an in-depth understanding of the market and customer psychology, Umesh has in a short span of time gained a trustworthy name in the real estate sector and is often referred to by old customers. His way of marketing and promotion are rather unique and very distinct from others. He believes in connecting with people through references or networking through marketing. Following this approach, he has a wide network spread across all the known realty-significant spots in Maharashtra. He is also the member of various networking groups such as PROP, NAAR India, BNI, Business Mantra, MEA (Maratha Entrepreneur Association) to name a few. It is through these networking groups that he connects with people and gets leads to serve and expand.

With a sizable team and a promising city like Pune, it’s no surprise that Umesh’s ticket sizes too have gone up with time. Deals which start as low as Rs 10 lacs to as high as Rs 50 crores are his range. With time, these can be expected to expand. Be it new residential, commercial or even commercially-viable land, he has solutions for all. In fact, he has gone a few steps ahead and now deals even in pre-leased or pre-rented properties.

Years ago, Umesh had pursued a recognized course in real estate. Today, he himself is a recognized authority, a scholar in his field who gets invited as a guest speaker as prestigious colleges and institutions where his audience vie to listen to his vision and expert comments on the subject of realty. His interview on “Precautions to be taken during purchase of new property’ on DD National and a series on IBN Lokmat titled ‘Dreams per square foot’ as a consultant garnered positive reviews from viewers across different sections. Apart from this he also writes Blogs and articles on real estate.

Realty is his passion but nature is what he loves. And to sustain his “love”, he goes out of his way! He is a member of ‘Nature Forever’, an organization that runs an initiative ‘Shelter for sparrows’. Through this, Umesh gifts nests and feeders to people to increase the population of sparrows. A family person foremost, Umesh likes to spend free time travelling, watching movies, dramas etc. in the company of his near and dear ones.

Sharing hiskey to success, he asks would-be entrepreneurs to focus on one area dedicatedly and gain mastery on the same as against being a jack-of-all because clients can and want to gauge your depth. If they think otherwise, do not expect success.

According to him, hard-work, networking and a positive approach are the key success key for any enterprise.
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