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Emerging Brand : Tushar Kulkarni (Teja Hospitalily Services)

‘There is no sincere love than the love of food’- George Bernard Shaw.

This is the truest quotation that applies to human beings. Perhaps, more than any other, people are more sensitive towards the food industry, as personal satisfaction is the most important ingredient in this industry. And, the owner Teja Hospitality Services Mr Tushar Kulkarni knows the perfect recipe to give you the most refreshing, delectable experience of taste.

He is a master in his work and knows the secret to serve his clients with the most delicious dishes, full of flavour, combined with great service, giving them the taste and experience they will always cherish.

According to Tushar, good food is not just about taste, but a foundation of genuine happiness. It is an experience- good or bad that a person will carry along, helping one connect with the people who will decide the fate of your business. Tushar, though his perfect blend of passion and perseverance has made Teja Hospitality Services a reputed name in the catering industry.

Tushar’s journey to the food industry started in Kolhapur while he was pursuing his studies. There, he often visited the dhaba ran by Mr. Konduskar, a hard working person with an extra ordinary vision and great sense of successfully running a business, created a long lasting impression in the already curious and ambitious mind of Tushar, who always wanted to start his own business.

Tushar’s dreams found its wings when his mother supported him greatly in spite of no business background. His mother’s blessings, love for food and passion to create his niche in the industry gave his confidence a boost. It was these assets that he carried along in his journey towards his dreams.

After working in the corporate sector for a couple of years, Tushar set his foot in the food industry in Pune in 2016. With no experience of business, his family members got skeptical, and insecurities started popping up with the business not flourishing as per expectations even after tasting initial success, and faced a lot of hurdles in all directions.

It was a testing time for him, emotionally and financially. People started raising eyebrows over his decision of leaving a secure job. It was a tough time for him as he was lagging behind, while his friends were racing ahead in their profession lives and gaining success financially too. But, Tushar did not leave his spirit fade away and kept working towards his dreams.

Tushar, on the advice of one of his well wishers moulded himself as per the demands and expectations of his profession and atmosphere in Pune. He opened himself to adopt the demands and techniques needed by his profession. Eventually, he got a contract to run a mess at Karve Institute for 200 people which he ran successfully along with his wife, Neeta. Today, too, Neeta manages and handles over 50% of the business that makes his task easy.

Catering business is a non-stoppable one that has to be kept running 24*7. But, his technical knowledge as an engineer, planning and effective management of things and manpower allows him to think in a broader spectrum. For smooth functioning, he formulated his own systems that made processes and working effective.
Tushar considers that every day is a learning experience. Besides running a catering and mess business, he ventured successfully into corporate catering as well.

Being an open minded person, Tushar believes that with success comes responsibility and empathy, the ability to connect with the socially downtrodden and empowering them. Tushar, serves a part of his service as his social responsibility to the needed which gives him immense peace.
There is lot on instability in catering with the prices of things changing frequently. But, a transparent process formulated by Tushar without compromising on the quality has created a bond of trust with the customers.

On sharing his experience with new entrepreneurs, Tushar says that before starting a business, one must have a thorough study in that sector, apart from deep understanding and thinking that will result in good results. Directing them, Tushar says that one should not get disturbed by the ups and down in their business, but urges them to face it with zeal and confidence. “It is not the instability of the business that forces the entrepreneurs to quit, but the attitude to renounce at the moment when things are getting better that leads to failure,” he mentioned.
Stating that word-of-mouth is the most effective medium of marketing tool in the food industry, Tushar believes that the satisfaction on the person’s face after tasting his food is his biggest award.
Grabbing every opportunity that knocked on the way with positivity, and striving to turn it into better prospects is Tushar’s mantra for success.
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