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Emerging Brand : Swanand Samudra (Investment Consultant)

Everyone works to earn money. But, have you ever thought of putting money at work to give you extra returns? Well, there are a few people in this world who will successfully churn money for you, keeping your mind and soul at rest. Swanand Samudra is the master at putting your wealth to work and reaping benefits for you and himself too! It is really tempting to acquire this art, but the secret lies in effective communication, people networking, in depth knowledge of investments, changing market trends, being updated etc are some of the critical aspects a person should be aware.

With an intention of growing wealth, and make the investor rich, Swanand has been working as an independent investor advisor since 1987. There are very few people who transform their passion into a flourishing career. While working for a private company from 1987 to 1992, he also pursued his passion by depth study in share market and other investment options. After acquiring a thorough knowledge in the respective subjects, he started his own financial consultancy firm that offered personalized investment guidance to individuals.

But, ride to the destination was not an easy one. During that time, real time stock market rates were not available. So, he started working along with a broking firm in Mumbai to meet this problem. With advanced technological growth and computerization, and fast decision making eased out the entire process thus creating a positive atmosphere for investors. Today, his clients are spread over small villages in India to bigger cities in America.

Swanand is always working hard to spread awareness about investment and taxation, and is always on the toes to ensure that people make investment as a habit for brighter and shinier future. The USP of his work is that he gives end-to-end solution to investors, right from guiding the investor on where, how to invest to reminding them about renewable dates and keeping them updated.

In order to achieve the expected results, it is necessary to understand the investors’ psychology, and Swanand who is a keen observer gets the right pulse of his clients during his first meeting itself. According to him, it is important to get the right substance of the investors’ risk taking ability, goals and dreams. Based on the clients’ needs and expectations, he puts forth portfolio of investment options and his working strategies from which the client can select the best package he thinks will work in short and long term for him. Based on his years of market experience and study, Swanand guides the investor to the best possible service that eases the journey for the clients.

Today, he is growing strong with over 3000 clients and Rs. 100 crore investments, which he is managing successfully with his talented team.

For an organization to successfully continue its long run, it is the after sales service it extends has an extraordinary importance. According to Swanand, the mantra to pull new customers and maintain the old customers is the quality of service once you sell your product. And, in his firm he is a strong follower of this mantra and is vigilant so that there is no slag in it. It is because of this loyalty towards his work ethics, he has a lineup of generations from grandparents to grandchildren as his clients.

For Swanand, it is the word of mouth publicity that worked wonders for his business to flourish, and made him popular as one of the most trusted names in the financial block. He spends just 5% of his actual revenue on advertisements to reach new customers or showcase a new idea.

Spreading his wings, Swanand has launched his franchise model that follows the systems and processes charted out by him so as to maintain the uniformity and quality of services throughout. Four years before, Kaiwalya Samudra, his son joined him, and is efficiently looking after the share market and other facets, giving Mr Samudra some more time for research. His clients and employees are flourishing under his guidance. Today, his family has ventured into different areas that bring diversity to his portfolio of services.

Swanand is indeed a money man but that makes him more responsible towards his responsibilities to the society. He is a philanthropist and is actively involved in the growth and development of the socially, economically deprived people in the society. He is catering to the needs of an orphanage at Talegaon and is an active member of Rotary Club, and had participated in various eye, blood donation and cardiac surgery camps.

His SDP donation 110 times for dengue patients shows his dedication and awareness towards the society that gives him a respectable place in the line of most successful and socially responsible persons, and has been honoured for his exceptional service to mankind.

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained, and Swanand will soon be holding the pen to share his knowledge and experiences as a columnist for some of the renowned newspapers. He was recently honoured by UTI Mutual Fund- CNBC TV18-ICRA for his extraordinary work in the field of investment for the year 2017-18.

Giving a three-tier mantra to new entrepreneurs he urges them to first understand and learn the basics at the field, second, gain immense confidence to deliver what you have learnt, and last, involve and engage the right people to deliver quality work. According to Swanand, honesty and commitment is the mantra for his success.
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