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Emerging Brand : Suhas Medhi (Electro Enterprises)

A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic, and, Mr. Suhas Medhi has achieved his dream not by some magic, but through sweat, determination and hard work. The owner of one of the most recognized electronic components distribution company, Electro Enterprises, Suhas, in the year 2000, set his foot forth to realize his dream of becoming a successful businessman.

Suhas was always curious towards knowing the manufacturing aspects of technical components. And, it was this curiosity that leads him towards his passion, to follow it and find answers to the innumerable queries that popped up in his mind about technology. Despite being a commerce graduate, his inquisitiveness and interest in technology drove him to grab a job in the purchase department of an electronic relay manufacturing company in Pune, where he gained in-depth knowledge about various aspects such as manufacturing of electronic components and their importance in electronic circuits.

With an aim to give his dream wings, he decided to venture into the business world. It is often seen that people with positive instincts and risk taking ability tastes success than those calculating their every step. Being a strong willed person, Suhas opted to focus on the distribution of passive electronic components, which was manufactured in large scale in India then. This includes electronic capacitors, plastic film capacitors; resistors, wire wound resistors etc, and in no time, became a trusted and leading distributor in the passive electronic components domain.

One of his company’s major highlights that sets him apart is the customization of the components, i.e. going beyond the standard practices, and giving the desired components needed by the clients. The orders are taken up after a thorough and deep understanding of the customers’ technical demands about the components so as to avoid any loopholes in the process, and the customers gets the best quality products as per his requirement. It is the focus, hard work and intention to go beyond the basic practices that makes him a leader in the electronics distribution industry.

As a businessman, Suhas believes that quality can never be compromised for numbers, and has vigilantly observed that these principles and ethics have been inculcated across in all his business practices and processes. To work with principles and ethics in the competitive market despite several hiccups is where the real integrity comes forth. These ethics and transparent practices have earned him the respect and trust of his business partners, customers and co-workers that have been strongly standing with him for the last 20 years.

In this journey, he met people from different industries, business groups, and made several friends and well wishers. The employees from Electro Enterprises became a part of his family who had been with him in thick and thin. Despite hailing from a middle class family with no-business background and financial support, he crafted a niche for himself by adopting a qualitative, transparent approach. He made strong connects with manufacturers and customers, big and small by understanding and offering them detailed yet smooth process with on time delivery of orders. All these aspects joined together crafts the business mantra for his success that according to Suhas proves the true identity of his company.

Electronic industry is known for its volatility, with technology changing its face every day. There is always fierce demand to stay updated with the technological changes happening around the globe. Suhas is aware of the fact that change is inevitable and, progress is not possible without change. Hence, he believes in embracing the change by always keeping himself updated about the newer technologies and changing market trends.

He knows that the customers are always hungry for better technologies and processes that will enhance their product and market value and give them the competitive edge. To feed them with the best for their business, Suhas believes in imbibing trust in his company by staying connected with his clients to understand and meet their demands in the best possible manner. This gives him a peek into the future needs of his clients and keeps him an active player in the competition.

Despite being a busy businessman, he is aware of his social responsibility and fulfills his part by organizing seminars, workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs and youths and sharing his experiences. A word of advice for future businessmen from Suhas- before venturing into the market, one must observe and study the business practices he or she is interested, explore current and future market trends, understand the competitors and challenges in the area of business. Understand and learn well what you want to do, dare to dream, and follow the path fearlessly that will lead you to success, says Suhas.

He urges the manufacturers to take advantage of the ‘Make in India’ initiative that opened doors for manufacturers, entrepreneurs in various fields such as defense. According to Suhas, such opportunities are a good chance to set a mark in the industry, and give new wings to their businesses and dreams.

Recently, his son Siddharth has joined the business and has introduced a different product altogether to diversify the brand. Siddharth is a double MBA graduate, who has lived and worked in countries like Singapore, New Zealand and Canada. Recently, Siddharth has got the Permanent Resident status in Canada which is popularly known as Green Card. He, with his international exposure, has joined his father’s business by introducing ‘Load Banks’ which is a completely different vertical to ‘Electro Enterprises’. Siddharth believes that he doesn’t want to enjoy his position in the company just because his father owns it but wants the position because he is the right person to perform the duties. He will definitely take ‘Electro Enterprises’ to new heights.
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