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Emerging Brand : Mr. Shailesh Nagarkar

Proper communication, transparency in transactions, professionalism in work and following ethics makes any business successful. These words have been truly imbibed by Pune based entrepreneur Mr Shailesh Nagarkar in his life. And that is sole reason why he is among the best civil contractors in the city. His firm- ‘Accurate Construction’ is undoubtedly the most trusted names when it comes to civil work. Associated with many renowned projects, the firm is popular for its efficiency in work, following commitments and maintaining transparency in business.

Before taking the plunge by starting his own firm Shailesh was guided by his uncle R D Nagarkar who encouraged him to do a Diploma in Civil Engineering to learn the theories and the basics of this work. His father worked as RCC Contractor. From building bungalows, commercial complexes to redeveloping old buildings, Shailesh has worked on different types of projects.

His specialization lies in his work which is unmatchable due to his high standards of work, quality products used and transparency in communication.

He recently has completed a project for Tech Mahindra, which was among the most prestigious projects for the company. They have also worked in coastal areas such as Chiplun and others including Gondavale.

Since his childhood, he had dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur and focussed on his skills to become a successful one. The success didn’t follow overnight. And he went through a lot of ups and downs to taste the sweet success. Just to become economically independent since tenth standard, he started doing small activities like selling fire crackers, repairing electrical appliances etc.

His career began with many ups and downs. Fifteen years back when he sold fire crackers with very low margin. But then he got a good experience and decided to be an entrepreneur only. Despite being rejected by many people for several times, with absolutely no work at times, he did not feel depressed. His family has been his greatest strength and source of encouragement which let him forget his failures and bitter lows of his life.

After completing diploma studies he had no assignments in hand. He was newly married then and earning had become important. He had lost all hopes from business and often thought of taking up a full time job. He was then supported by his brother who stood as a strong pillar of strength for him and encouraged him to work. He soon took up small projects to begin and the stars were shining bright. Sooner, he had become a trustworthy name among his field and work started pouring in. It has been over 16 years now he has never seen back.

Shailesh always quest to learn more from life. The twists and turns in life took him many far off places. He never said ‘No’ to work and rejected any kind of civil work. His ability to accomplish his target and fulfil the commitments always has been appreciated by his clients. Known for his hard work, perseverance and delivering the best product, Shailesh says, "I always strive to achieve my goals with focus and commitment. I also like to maintain direct dialogue with my colleagues and clients. It helps in understanding the problems which can be rectified immediately.”

His wife looks after the business accounts and works keenly on each project. Meetings and detailed discussions with office staff are held on every Friday to take update on the projects and its status. Currently many agencies and architects are working with him. Known to be a workaholic person, Shailesh visits his sites even on holidays when the workers are not present.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. Its one man army and one have to fight from all fronts. There are only three important things in business. Being punctual, ethical and value your commitment. If one strikes a balance of all these three things, anyone can become successful. 

He is passionate about travelling, learning new things, a music aficionado and loves to play flute, an avid reader and likes to listen songs. One of his favourite books written by Robert Kioski written on management is worshipped during Laxmipujan. Sharing one of his most emotional moments, Shailesh said, "During my initial days, I was assigned the work of laying tiles at the exhibition held by Constro Company. I worked upon it overnight and won many accolades and appreciation. It was an encouraging experience."

Civil engineering is his passion giving immense satisfaction and opportunity to show his creativity. “It takes immense power to accept failures and move on after success. One can not sit idle when he becomes successful. In fact the thirst for wanting to do more grows. One must move on with even more passion." Shailesh signs off.
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