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Emerging Brand : Mrs. Rachna Lachke Bagwe (Co-founder Arthsanket Newspaper)

When it comes to Economic Literacy, we are lagging far behind, especially women are still unaware and ignorant of different investment options…they rarely dare to invest their money in the market. But here is a lady whose mission is to create financial literacy, particularly among Marathi people. Meet Mrs Rachna Lachke Bagwe, co-founder of Mumbai-based Arthsanket - India’s first Economic and Business Newspaper in Marathi… you will get an expert advice about investing your hard-earned money & Business expertise from well known industrialist like Mr. Sanjeev Pendharkar of VICCO, Mr. Ravindra Prabhudesai of Pitambari, Mr. Agnelo Rajesh Athaide of St. Angelos VNCT Ventures, Corporate Lawyer Mr. Nitin Potdar & many more.

Arthsanket began in 2012, when Rachna was conducting private tuitions of Mathematics and Science while her husband Amit was teaching Accounts. They felt the need of making people aware of various types of investments and Stock Market in Marathi language. Thus, ‘’ was launched. As the name suggests, Arthsanket speaks about ‘money’, ‘investments’ and ‘business’. After 2014, it took a giant leap and various innovative events were added to it.

The domain is having a plethora of activitieslike an Arthsanket events calendar, Investment and Business Seminars, Investment Conclave, Business Training Pprograms, Arthsanket TV Youtube Channel, events like Maharashtra’s Favorite Brand - MahaBrand (an event highlighting the success stories of Marathi entrepreneurs) and much more for the budding entrepreneurs, established entrepreneurs and investors.

“We have designed our own unique programs for Marathi entrepreneurs. Since the last three years Arthsanket is conducting ‘MAHABRAND –Maharashtra’s Favorite Brand’ function, wherein Arthsanket have been felicitating well-known entrepreneurs from Maharashtra who have created their brand and have been in business for the past 3-5 generations. They are the inspiration,” said Rachna. Adding to that it is a Brand recognition program and not a competition. For Brand Felicitation, they conduct an online voting, based on three segments- Innovation, Popularity and Customer Satisfaction.

Another innovative event of Arthsanket is ‘Udyojakanchi Diwali Pahat’- a special Diwali celebration with different business forums like Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Bramhan Business Club, CKP Chamber and CKP Business Club, Saturday Club, Networking Square, BOLD, Businessmen Association of Maharashtra, GBS, Mi Udyojak Honarach, United Maratha Organization, Maharashtra Business Club etc. Thus around 25-30 forums come together and interact with each other. Last year, this event took place in Pune at Chaturshringi Temple.

As discussed earlier, common man is little bit scary about investing money in other than conventional options. To boost their investment, Arthsanket gives out ‘Arthsakshar Purskar’. Rachna said, “People usually hesitate to disclose their investments, even to their family members. We encourage them to open up. This award is given in eight categories like award for creating economic literacy, best financial management and also for individual investors who have selected different investment options/segments wisely depending upon their income and needs.” For this, Arthsanket checks the investment growth of an investor of five to fifteen years. The financial advisors recommend the names and then the investors fill in a portfolio form. The selection is made on the grounds of number of investment segments they have used.

The investment market is an ever growing field. Everybody is thinking of safe and secure investment. Especially, for small entrepreneurs and working people, Arthsanket is the best guide. It provides guidance regarding share market training, e-commerce, Digital India etc.  

Another interesting activity of Arthsanket is ‘Arth Jidnyasa’ an investment conclave. “To enjoy the life to its fullest, we need to have the best financial, mental and physical health. ‘Arth jidnyasa’ addresses these topics. All the queries regarding investment are sorted out here. We talk about important aspects of money like Budget, importance of making a ‘Will’ etc. This year, the conclave was conducted on February 9, 2019 at Maharashtra Chambers,” she explained.

As far as execution of ideas is concerned, a Bachelor of Management Studies, Rachna manages everything smoothly. Let’s talk about ‘Arthwedh’- an activity reaching out to the masses. This is a kind of Financial awareness program for our society. This event is totally free of cost and is conducted across Maharashtra.

Arthsanket adds a new event to its calendar every year. Its ‘Start-up Award’ is also in its fourth year now, bringing in light the new talent. She proudly highlights that none of the other business forums conducts such a wide variety of events. An ex - executive editor of Saturday Club Times Magazine and Sub – Editor of Winners’ Express magazine & Co Founder of Arthsanket & recently an author of her first published book ‘Arthik Guntavnukiche Prarthamik Dhade’, Rachna manages all this role very well.

Arthsanket newspaper is been publish on every Saturday and it is full of business news, articles written by well-known economists and investment experts. Arthsanket has also published five books in Marathi namely ‘Basic Mutual Fund’, ‘Badaltya Kalachi Guntavnuk - Mutual Fund’, ‘Bhagbhandval Bajarachi Saundary Stahle’, ‘Trading chi 18 Prabhavi Sutre’ and ‘Arthik Guntavnukiche Prarthamik Dhade’ Part 1 & Part 2. Arthsanket is also having it’s YouTube channel and a Web series showcasing interviews of various entrepreneurs.

Rachna has been interviewed on ZEE 24 TAAS in Suvarn Kokan Show and in Mi Udyojak Honarach Talk Show and has received various felicitations and recognitions as Young Business Woman at different platforms. She has also been called as chief guest by Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics where once she had been a student.

She recommends to the young entrepreneurs to study and learn from established entrepreneurs but do not imitate them. She advises them to ‘Be Innovative’ and inspire the next generation to write their own story.

Her experience speaks when she said, “At times, when things does not work according to our plan then just be calm and patient. Always keep plan A, B, C and D ready with you to avoid wastage of time and frustration. Keep more options ready with you.”

In short Arthsanket is all about FINANCIAL LIBERTY & LITERACY !
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