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Emerging Brand : Pallavi Desai (Vastu Consultant)

A sweet and happy home is everybody’s dream and each one of us strives for it. For that matter, the traditional Hindu Vaastu Shastra- is gaining popularity worldwide. Those who believe in the phrase –‘Vaastu’ says ‘Tathastu’, often look for an expert advice to seek blessings of their ‘Vaastu devta’. While there is a mushrooming of Vaastu Consultants, very few of them are reliable and genuine experts. Mumbai-based Mrs Pallavi Desai has created her niche among these acclaimed Vaastu consultants.

A trained Vaastu consultant and specialist in reiki, colour therapy, meditation, dowsing and pyravastu, Pallavi says, "Becoming a Vaastu consultant was master plan for me". The episode began in 2003, when Pallavi was just a home-maker and living in a joint family at Andheri. Her bungalow was south facing . All of a sudden, her family started facing various problems relating to the health and other issues. After trying many solutions, they consulted a Vaastu expert, who told them to change the sink in the kitchen. They got positive results within a year. Out of curiosity, she studied Vaastu Shastra. Her friends and relatives started consulting her for Vaastu changes and they experienced amazing results. She was in demand for consultancy. Gradually, she did all the Vaastu Shastra courses in Pune and Mumbai. She visited many sites with her Guru. Her friend from Dubai called her for Vaastu changes and she was then flooded with calls from abroad for Vaastu consultancy. At this juncture, in 2006, she officially started her own Vaastu consultancy. She joined Business Network International (BNI) and got many assignments. She says, "I never felt need of advertising. My work is like a doctor. After getting desirable results, they automatically make mouth publicity. Thus the number of clients gets increased because of the quality service." She always keeps in touch with her clients by sending messages about muhurta and many other auspicious days.

In the last 12 years, Pallavi has provided comprehensive solutions to her clients spread across India, UAE, UK, USA, Hong Kong and Singapore. Her remedies do not require any demolition or breakage. Rather they are easy to apply. She provides accurate and result-oriented Vaastu solutions opening the gates of prosperity, fortune and positive energy to her clients. She says, "Vaastu consultancy backed by Science is a spiritual work. It requires a siddhi to get results and I think I have a special blessing of Lord Sai Baba, which helps me in helping my clients to give proper remedy to their problems."

Her clientele includes shop owners, house owners, industrialists, factory owners, people renting a house or shop, land developers and builders. Now-a-days, people prefer purchasing a house which is perfect as per Vaastu shastra. Hence, she started working with builders also. Pallavi says, “Everyone has a special emotional bonding with their home. It's always good to consult Vaastu expert before constructing a home. Mere a small change in directions gives positive direction to luck in your life."

When asked about what is the ‘authenticity’ of Vaastu Shastra, she replied, "Vaastu Shastra is one of the profound Vedic sciences, having proved on the test of time with its undeniable value and effectiveness. Of course, it's all about your ‘belief’ and ‘faith’ in this science. If you have a faith, then you will get wonderful positive results."

Pallavi has participated in exhibitions and workshops on the science of Vaastu Shastra. She is the member of many well-known organizations like Rotary, NAREDCO, BNI. She has ‘service’ oriented approach in her consultancy. A certain percentage of what she earns, she spent for charity, especially, education of deserving students who cannot afford.

Simultaneously, she has developed interest in the real estate as well. For the last two years, she has been engaged in planning and designing of all types of real estate ventures- residential, commercial and industrial. She helps her clients in developing their land and arranging finance also. She is working with hospitality groups also. She structures a venture agreement for her clients interested in hospitality sectors.

During her twelve year’s journey as a successful Vaastu consultant, she has done over 2000 vastu assignments from India and abroad from all walks of life. “The happy faces and satisfaction of my clients after getting positive results, is the biggest reward for me. Their affection and respect is my highest achievement," she exclaims.

Speaking on the women power and women entrepreneurs, she says, “Every woman possesses a blend of Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati that is strength, wealth and wisdom. Many of such women have proven themselves as successful businesswomen.” According her, patience, credibility, commitment and punctuality are the keys to success.

Ultimately, this intelligent and renowned Vaastu consultant signs off by saying," To work with dedication for the satisfaction of clients is my simple 'Business Mantra'."
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