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#Supermind shows the path to Self Study

Emerging Icon : Manjusha Vaidya (Founder and Director, Supermind)

With her father being a school principal, Manjusha Vaidya is having an educational background at home. She has been keenly listening to educational thoughts and discussions by her father, his fellow teachers and other educationists. So no surprise that she always wanted to be in the field of education.

The idea of starting Supermind came up in her mind when she observed and realized that parents are worrying about their child’s good result in the exams and students are just mugging up the syllabus just for the sake of exams. Also, here has been mushrooming of private coaching classes and tuitions. Everybody is talking about only rank and marks but nobody was thinking about ‘how to study’. In fact, there is no system of teaching the techniques of study in our education system.

Hence, Manjusha decided to work for making ‘learning’ a happy process and teaching students ‘self-study techniques. Along with her three friends she started Supermind ten years ago which believes in ‘Bridging Education’. ‘No coaching, but Super learning’ is its motto. Initially, her focus was on counseling. In the first year, she started centers in three cities namely Pune, Mumbai and Nagpur. After a thorough research she designed a program based on a ‘self study model’ for 8th to 10th standards/grades. This model of Supermind suits to both English and Marathi medium schools and CBSE and SSC boards. Students can solve Supermind tutorials at their home and send to Supermind for checking. The experts at Supermind examine and evaluate the solved papers. The marks are given with justification of why the marks are cut, which points should be included in the answer, what should be avoided etc. thus the students get a fair idea of the correct answer and how to reach that answer. ‘Know error, No error’ is its mantra. Supermind follows scientific method and imparts study skills in students.

The results of this experiment and model were excellent. The positive responses of parents were encouraging. “Students are happy because they are enjoying their studies. Their confidence level is increasing. They are becoming habitual to self study which is going to be beneficial to them in future as well. Parents are happy because performance of their child in the exam is improving. Further the quarrel over child’s study has been stopped! So parents are satisfied,” says Manjusha, who is also a certified career counselor at city-based Jnana Prabodhini.

Manjusha emphasizes on the fact that Supermind is not a class, no test series or a guide, but it is a self-study program which is distantly used.

Currently, Supermind is having more than 600 freelance counselors and 100 + business associates spread across 120 talukas, including rural Maharashtra. Supermind also runs a free helpline for entire Maharashtra (904999280819) where a query can be asked and the subject expert of Supermind replies within two hours. Supermind also provides Instant Material for Preparation (IMP) package for 10th SSC, CBSE and 12th Science.

Thus Supermind is a solution for students making them a self-learner by boosting their confidence. It teaches students to explore the things by themselves. Supermind is happiness for parents making them tension-free. It teaches parents to be parents only and not to play the role of teachers.

The education field is changing at a rapid pace. It is becoming digital. With the changing times, the pattern of education and syllabuses etc are also changes. Accordingly Supermind is also modifying and upgrading its path. Eight years back Manjusha launched an e-learning program at 1000 + schools (30,000 + students) across Maharashtra. Using e-learning kits, students from any city of Maharashtra can be a part of Supermind’s self study tutorials. Moreover, Supermind is coming up with a virtual counseling and digital program/ app in near future. Manjusha also has noticed that ‘Value education’ is utmost important is the current scenario. Supermind will work on it also.

Commemorating its 10th anniversary this year, Supermind has launched Supermind Foundation to serve the society. Through this foundation it has started ‘Mission Education’ to reach out to the marginalized students.

Supermind is moving ahead with a super speed. Despite of her busy schedule, Manjusha can manage some time for popular writings in various news papers, delivering educational lectures and doing social work through non-profit organizations like Lions Club Pune Ideal.

Supermind has set an example by successfully running a business in a noble field like education. Efficient staff members, its dedication towards work, quality services and human touch to the business are the secrets of success of Supermind. Supermind has won various recognitions and awards including Asia Book of World Records, SME Mauritius Business Excellence Award.
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