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Emerging Brand : Mahesh Karande ( Neevstone)

You need a strong foundation if you want to build a strong superstructure...may it be family relations, a building, health or your business...a weak foundation doesn’t work. And, if you are looking for brand building and brand promotion of your product or company, then Neevstone in Mumbai is the best option. Neevstone assures your brand buid and generate leads for higher sales online.

Neevstone Advertising & Media is an advertising agency with headquarters in Thane. Brainchild of a young Marathi mind namely Mr Mahesh Karande, Neevstone, within seven years of its foundation, has been growing exponentially. It has won one Bronze award and three nominations in India's top advertising awards, so far.

Mahesh decided to be an artist when he was in the 8th standard. He got inspiration from one of his relatives who was a commercial artist. As a student, he was not a bright student at school, but when he entered the commercial diploma college, his talent started shining. He was a topper during the three years of college.

Then worked in different top level companies as an employee. “Earning money was not a priority during those days. I was keen on learning more. It was added advantage working with big companies they taught me to dream big. The world of advertisements was very big than I was assuming. So, I was working more pro-actively,” he said.

Mahesh got a big opportunity when he started working for an internationally recognized company named 'Mudra' (it is now 'DDB Mudra'). Mahesh said,“ During the six years at Mudra, I worked hard to understand 'A to Z' of my field. My knowledge base got expanded and the depth my understanding of the Business World also sharpened there.”

Meanwhile, crazy about cycling and bike riding, Mahesh used to ride to different locations including Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh and the Himalayas. These bike rides to the beautiful destinations, especially the ride to Himalayas, were unknowingly influencing and shaping up his mind. “My mind was gradually transforming through all these rides. After seeing the incredible nature, I started feeling that human beings are too small in front of the Nature. We should learn from the Nature. It was then I decided to be an entrepreneur, than to be working as an employee. It took six months to take the final decision and on 30th September 2012, I quit my job to start my own enterprise,” he added.

His friend Mr Manish Jain offered him space to start this office. Of course, it was difficult for a person like Mahesh, having no business background at home, to take a big flight initially. Slowly, he started getting command on his business.
Currently, Neevstone is one of the quality conscious advertising agencies in the country. Its approach is an endeavor to not just build the brand, but to provide it with a very strong foundation, so it can reach the next level. Neevstone has its services spread across multitudinous spectrums. It offers ATL and BTL services through newspaper ads, magazine ads, hoarding, posters, catalogues, TV commercials, radio, website development, social and digital marketing, E-mail marketing, SMS marketing, blogs, mailers and so on. His clientele-base is also started increasing, covering diverse geographical areas. Till date, Mahesh has worked for many companies, right from luxury products to mass products. Although it is not planned, Mahesh has worked a lot in 'Food Industry'.

According to him, our 'Ears' should be keen than our 'Mouth'. He said, “Speaking less and working more is important in this field. We must be able to analyze the people and the situations accurately while working in marketing and advertising,” He also recommends to make the clients a first priority. “By the time I have learnt to be patient and calm and think logically. I always think from the point of view of the clients.”

With the emerge of new social and digital media, the world of advertisements is changing fast than ever before. We need to be up-to-date and accurate all the time. When asked how he tackles the changing scenario, Mahesh said, “Yes, technology is changing every fraction of a second. I am coping up with it. We already have started using digital and social media for advertisements. Moreover, I have started concentrating on the 'Content' part of the advertisement than the 'Entertainment'. The content must be strong and meaningful,” he said.

The financial factors always have an upper hand when it comes to sustain ability. Mahesh always tries to fine-tunes the cost with the quality of services. “Sometimes my fee seems higher, but I justify it with my quality services. I generate values out of nothing. Thus, the clients are happy with our services and I am referred to others by my regular clients.”
Besides his business, Mahesh also runs a Facebook page titled 'Brand Salla'. This a a platform where anybody can seek an advice related to the branding their enterprise or business. 'Brand Salla' offers free advice

Having associated with 'Isha Foundation', Mahesh is a very spiritual kind of person. “Whenever I get time, I work for Isha Foundation. It gives me peace of mind. Further, I often go for a long ride on my favourite bike. It is my passion. I always dreamt of having a world tour on my bike.” Mahesh loves music and reading as well.
Sharing his Success Mantra, Mahesh recommends not copying other's work, but being yourself. “Blindly following others makes us underestimating our strengths. Don't give up. Chase your dreams passionately. Then success is yours,” he believes.
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