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#ATCON reigning the realm of waterproofing world

Emerging Brand : Atul Deshmukh (Atcon Care Solutions Pvt.Ltd)

‘Waterproofing is an unseen beautification of any construction ’’ … splendidly and precisely Mr Atul Deshmukh and his friend Mr. Aniruddha Dalal defined the concept of waterproofing. ATCON CARE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. a prevailing name in the sphere of waterproofing and building repair solutions provider ventured in June 2018 by both these college buddies and now associates in the business. ATCON an emerging organization that has gained its name- fame in a very short span of time as the most renowned, reliable and the most respectable organization in the domain of waterproofing solution..

Atul possesses the qualities and the capability of a successful business entrepreneur. ''Though ours is a very young venture but we have risen to be an industry leader by consistently providing what so many other water proofers did not…… professionalism, quality of work, transparency and exceptional service. We have the experience to satiate customers waterproofing needs, thus providing the service and quality to create and maintain long-term relationship with them.

We have aligned ourselves with the world's leading manufacturers and are the certified applicators of many of the most comprehensive waterproofing systems and solutions. We have a good team of highly qualified applicators who are trained for technical aspects, right execution of works and installation of right product suitable as per the location of work. Our applicator team is highly motivated and supported by the technical know how, financial backup and precise administration to ensure timely follow-up and monitoring of all work throughout the project. We have the techniques, backed by the expert team and the talent.

Over the years with emerging new techniques and practices traditional waterproofing has taken a back seat. We at ATCON are more techno savvy and to keep abreast with the changing scenario we are adapting and developing, upgrading and updating the waterproofing system that involves crystallization method and liquid applied membrane of various natures. Our expertise have the knowledge in procuring right material, understanding chemical compositions, proportion with a customised solution has given us an edge over our competitors. We proudly boast that we are the only specialist and a one stop solution in water proofing that offers multiple options to their customers till they are satisfied with quality assurance.

Further explaining the nuances of the business Atul says that “When one starts a business there would always be some unforeseen challenges that would arise. Yes, initially we did have a tough start but once we knew we have entered into a niche area nothing could stop us and for this I prepared a business plan. Business plan does not help when starting a business, it but allows us to analyse the, funding options that we have, making crucial business decision, also helps to understand the industry and market.' Functional and financial risk are one of the perceived risks that the entrepreneur has to deal with. The services that we provide are effective and its outcomes are accepted by the customer is one of the perceived risk that he faced.”

As a CMD my position allows me to see the technical side of accounting as well as the operational side of business. Being a valued resource gatekeeper, I get to interact with the clients. Finance is a powerful function. Business decisions often hinge on our financial acumen and analytical skills. However, in today's challenging landscape, the ability to influence, collaborate and communicate

effectively with others is just very important. Endorsing his views Aniruddha said ''my journey as a Business Development Associate has taught me the importance of emotional intelligence to help me be bolder in my decision-making as it gives me the framework to understanding the consequences of decisions and how they might impact people, and for incorporating that understanding into decision making itself.” Another lesson which I learnt is self-awareness—understanding one's strengths and weaknesses and acting on that knowledge. As a BDA my role is defined by the team I build. I build my team with the skill sets that supplement my abilities. I then rely on their abilities, delegate responsibility & allow them to do it their way. "It makes them more effective, and motivate them to respond by working hard to live up to the responsibilities entrusted to them.'’
With a broad smile on his face and with a conviction in his eyes Aniruddha said that “Our main focus and aim is to be the one time solution giver where the customers satisfaction is supreme and sublime and we strive really hard to achieve it. And to advocate our motto we have periodic visits to every working site by maintaining constant rapport with the client also minutely observing and keeping a keen watch on the quality control so that we can complete the task with absolute finesse, integrity, commitment and dedication'' We'd like to make a number of small- to medium, to big sized acquisitions and we are ready to take challenges and risks.' ''Our mission is to excel in this field and the word has spread in the industry which has triggered a whooping response“

Here we would like to share with you that Dr Ajit Marathe, MD and Mr Rajendra Sawant, Chairman, both from Nirman Realtor & Developers Ltd are Associated as Members of Advisory Board of our venture "Atcon Care Solutions Pvt. Ltd."

Reinforcing his statement Atul assuredly states that “we want to reign this realm ….As this is a very specialised domain and now the time is ripe to enter this niche area. Further stressing his point he said, "With our ATCON PREMIUM PROCESS in place", I want to see ATCON at the pinnacle rather I would like create a proverb that people could relate only to ATCON.. 'Where others fail ATCON is there to help'. We want to build a reputation and a confidence amongst our clients that where others are unable to do we will do it 100% and successfully.
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