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#Superbikes for super generation !!

Business Icon : Mr. Ajinkya Firodia (M.D. , Motoroyale, MV Agusta)

"Some of the prominent business families in the city can be described as the ‘Pride of Pune’. Amongst them are the Firodia family and its Kinetic Group. It has created a niche in the Indian automobile industry. The Kinetic Group carries a distinguished legacy for almost 50 years."

Late Mr H K Firodia laid the foundation of the Kinetic Group in 1970s. With its motto -‘harnessing technology for self reliance’- the Kinetic Group is known for making brands for India and is always having a customer-oriented attitude. His son and noted businessman Mr Arun Firodia succeeded him as the Chairman of Kinetic group.

The Padma Shri Awardee and a prominent social activist, Mr Arun Firodia is the person who developed India’s first completely domestic moped- the Luna, in 1975. He also made collaborations with globally acclaimed corporations Hyundai, Sciaky, San Yang etc And now, the third generation of Firodia’s and the son of Mr Arun Firodia, Mr Ajinkya Firodia, is the new ‘Face’ of the Kinetic Group.

Educated at Brown University, USA Ajinkya has earned the Bachelor of Engineering and Economics. Taking family legacy to new heights, by maintaining the values set by its founder, is not an easy task.

Still, Ajinkya’s path is completely different from his father and grandfather. Ajinkya said, “The legacy created by my grandfather and father with the brand Kinetic stands for innovation in the two-wheeler segment.  So while the 70’s required an innovative two-wheeler like the Luna and the 90’s required an innovative two-wheeler like a CVT scooter, I believe that the time has come for Superbikes.  Hence, in a way I believe and hope that this is the next step for the Kinetic brand; to lead the market in two-wheelers for what we believe is the future segment.” Ajinkya joined his family business as the Managing Director at Kinetic Engineering Ltd in April 20, 2009 and became its Chief Financial Officer in 2015.

The Kinetic group witnessed remarkable changes with the arrival of their new, dynamic MD. With innovative ideas, Ajinkya showcased his vision by making a smart move from the conventional approach to a contemporary one.

The Kinetic Group tied up with international Motoroyale, thus bringing the international superbikes to the domestic market. Passionate about superbikes, Ajinkya said, “Motoroyale, by Kinetic, is the country’s only multi brand superbike initiative; where we have five brands – three Italian, one British and one Korean; offering a complete range of supervises – from 250 cc to 1000 cc and from 3.37L all the way upto 65L.  Each biker has different preferences – tourers, sports, cruisers, classics, hipsters – and our range provides an exotic offering in each segment, making Motoroyale the most exciting one stop shop for enthusiasts.” Ajinkya respects and follows the policy of the Kinetic Group that focuses on constant development in product quality, Upgradation of production technology, cost reduction thro elimination of waste in all business processes and Development of human resources.

Speaking about the future of Indian automobile industry, Ajinkya said, “The two-wheeler industry is the world’s largest and most growing industry – and it will become the world’s most important market, especially, superbikes is a growing segment. Hence it will see a lot of action.  The customer will benefit from this – as there will be innovations and products made for India by all players in the world. Upgradations to higher cc, providing style, and value for money will become the key.  From a commuter segment, the motorcycle is already becoming more than that – kind of an extension of you, and a reflection of your personality.  In that sense, I am seeing diversity and innovation and exciting times ahead.”

"The ‘Business Icon’ Ajinkya believes in keeping promises, taking risks and maintaining the high ethical standards. Full of energy and enthusiasm, Ajinkya shares his ‘Business Mantra’- “Stay in the game.  All businesses have challenges and tough times.  But if you believe in your long term strategy, and work towards with a plan and not lose hope, you will eventually be successful,” he stated. So, this is the journey of Mr Ajinkya Firodia- from driving a superbike to manufacturing a superbike…with a passion!"
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