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Emerging Brand : Ajay Kulkarni (Kolumb us Health Care)

‘Good Health and Good Sense’ are two of life's greatest blessings. The fact that medical technology has shown huge development than before, one needs to take steps to secure their health, by taking advantage of the advanced tests and get the correct diagnosis at the right time. It is this theory that initiated Mr. Ajay Kulkarni to start Kolumbus Health Care which offers an array of health care services, saving upon time, energy and money.

The brain child of Dr. Vijay Khandekar and Mr. Ajay Kulkarni, Kolumbus Health Care was started in 1990. Ajay said that “I started my career as an IT professional, but later I shifted to health care and humanitarian services. Kolumbus was setup with a belief that every life is valuable,” also he proudly mentioned that, since its inception, Kolumbus has made a significant contribution to the health care sector, especially the industrial medical services and the occupational health and safety. Currently, it is having a fleet of 38 well equipped ambulances and Our experts work round the clock to bring smile to those in pain. Kolumbus offers numerous health services to the individuals, groups, corporate companies or government sector, providing medical assistant services under one roof.

Kolumbus has three centers in Pune at J M Road, Sinhagad Road and Tilak Road respectively. Each center has fully equipped mobile diagnostic lab on wheels (a mini bus) to provide doorstep services to the groups, offices and households.

The absence of basic and advanced health care facilities has created a huge gap in the health care services sector. The idea of offering medical home services caved in when Ajay was exploring the medical services field and found that there was a huge void for easy, accessible services for senior citizens. Most of the elderly people, who are staying alone, find it difficult to reach the medical centre and access medical services. It adds to their woes and raising the concerns of relatives. To bridge this gap, Ajay started Kolumbus Health Services that offers pre and post medical services in the comfort of home.

Some of the glimpses at the services offered by Kolumbus include Emergency Ambulance Services, Home Diagnostic Services Pathology, X-ray (Portable X-ray at Home), ECG, Spirometry, Audiometric Ect etc. The patients need not visit the Center for these tests. Kolumbus also organizes medical events & health check up camps for Corporate, schools and communities. Till date, around 10,000 families have experienced our services.

Occupational Health and Industrial Medical Services

'A stitch in time saves nine'. So, Kolumbus provides the First Aid and Emergency Medical Service to the accident victims, before reaching to the nearest hospital. Speaking about the 'Occupational Health and Industrial Medical Services', Ajay said, “We offer various options under the occupational health and safety, which is one of crucial factor for industries. By taking upfront responsibility to set a clinical set up in factory premises including well experienced medical recourses, doctors, nurses and emergency ambulance services to be maintain on 24*7 basis.

In case of causality, our team responds and makes sure that employee should be reach in time to the nearest hospital. On its way to the hospital, our medical team takes care of the victim/ patient in the ambulance and safely handovers the patient to the hospital staff.” In case of space constrain, Kolumbus provides a 'Mobile Clinic', stationary in the factory premises. This clinic has an OPD setup including all diagnostic services and dental, eye checkup on wheel.

Community and Humanitarian services are always a top priority of Kolumbus. Hence, Ajay initiated a separate vertical for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects in 2012. “Our health care domain knowledge helps us to serve the corporate to their medical CSR projects. Our team does everything right from conceptualization to completion of the project including community mapping, project selection, execution, implementation and the post project analysis,” explained Ajay.

‘Mobile Clinic' is Kolumbus's flagship medical project, which has proven helpful in rural areas where even the Primary Health Centers are not available. Projects including malnourishment, women & child health, Vasti Clinics etc also have been completed successfully under 'Medical CSR' of Kolumbus.

Besides Medical CSR, Kolumbus also undertakes projects in other CSR sectors as per the guidelines of Government of India. Depending upon the core competency and business interest, it appeals companies to undertake activities for economic and social development of communities, particularly in the vicinity of their operations. It includes education, skill development for livelihood of people, cultural and social welfare of the deprived sections of the society. Ajay proudly mentioned the CSR Project titled 'Devtaru Senior Living Center'- an ultra modern old age home in near Sarasbaug. Currently, more than fifty senior citizens are taking advantage of the center. Another four more branches of the center will be opened in the city in near future.
Due to the quality services and dedication of the team, Kolumbus has won various recognitions and awards including 'The Best Medical Services Projects Award' by Rotary International, 'Promising CSR Partner Award' by ACG Cares Foundation, 'The Best Service Project' in Medical Sector by GE International, a special recognition from IIT Dharwad and the Savitribai Phule Pune University. With somebody like Mr Ajay Kulkarni around us, life is indeed lighter and happier.
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