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#World of fragrances- "Kelkar Food and Fragrances"

Emerging Brand : Mr. Abhijeet C. Kelkar (Owner Of Kelkar Food and Fragrances)

Elizabeth Taylor, a British American actresses who was also having her business of fragrances once said, "Fragrances gives you confidence, style, they are mood booster, different fragrances promote different emotions, the beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart…and hopefully someone else’s...”

Yes, no elegance is possible without fragrance. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory. Fragrances add value, connect minds and spread joy. There may be hardly any who don't love fragrances. Capturing this love of people for fragrances there are many brands dealing in fragrance business worldwide. One of the well-known brands is Pune-based "Kelkar Food and Fragrances" who are engaged into manufacturing of Indian Attars, Aromatherapy (Essential) oils & floral water for last four generations. The fourth generation of this family who is successfully and more efficiently taking forward this legacy is Mr Abhijeet Kelkar.

People often think if you have set family business it's very is easy to take it forward. But it's not like that. In fact, taking forward your family enterprise is added "responsibility” as people have more expectations from you.

Your past generations had stood-up their business with great hard work, had achieved a name and fame to their business, which has already become a famous brand when it came to your hand. Now to protect and preserve that brand, to enhance it, rather to create another brand simultaneously with existing brand, to take your family business to new heights is really a challenging job and a big responsibility on your shoulders. Like any new start-up business; rather more than that challenges need to be faced to take forward your well set family brand. And Abhijeet is one of such successful businessmen who are taking forward his family business. He has added new feathers to the name of his ancestral fragrance business.

Fragrances are used on large scale in aroma therapy. So, there is a large demand from entire country for essential oils for businesses like beauty parlours, spa etc. Abhijeet exactly captured this and started the production of essential oils along with his ancestral fragrance business. Before jumping into it, he made in-depth study and thorough research about essential oils. These essential oils are not only used in cosmetics but also proved to be very effective in various treatment therapies. So it is necessary to take special care while blending these essential oils. By the time essential oils that gives the customer refreshing, enthusiastic, and happy feeling has become the specialty of Abhijeet. He says, "Our passion for fragrances dates almost a century back and by blending technology and innovation with the tradition, we are taking the timeless legacy forward. Abhijeet offers finest quality range of pure and completely natural attars. Aroma therapy has been mentioned in our Vedas. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Romans and Chinese used to process on flowers and herbs and enjoy aromatic bath. Aromatherapy is done with essential oils which are used for bath, massage, as perfume, skin care etc. Abhijeet offers variety of essential oil extracted naturally for specific therapeutic use or body chakra requirements. Their floral water such as rose water, kewra water etc are popular with the customers.

Artificially made low quality scents and oils are easily available in the market at very cheap price. Ordinary man cannot easily understand the difference between original and artificial fragrance. Abhijeet often guides the choosey customer who loves original.

Abhijeet is continually doing research and experiments in fragrance and essential oils. From his research he had produced a variety of scent of fragrances. It is generally said that, "Smell of the soil after the fall of first drop of rain is the most refreshing fragrance". Every one of us loves and eagerly waits for that smell after the first rains. Now no waiting for that earth fragrance because we can enjoy that smell anytime with "Mitti Perfume"- special fragrance produced by Abhijeet.

In Tobacco and Pan Masala an ingredient called DOP is generally used which is actually banned by the Government because it is harmful to health. Abhijeet was really getting upset by use of DOP by many. So, he was constantly in search of substitute to DOP. Finally, by his hard work and extensive research he finds out best substitute product for DOP called MAYOL AB 12. Recently this product has also got FSSAI certificate.

Abhijeet has an absolute different approach towards his work. He aims at making further new research and bringing different types of new products without compromising the quality which will maintain trust, confidence, satisfaction and emotional bonding with his customers. Bringing something new for his customers is Business Mantra of Abhijeet.

Now "Kelkar Food and Fragrances" is regarded as pioneer and leader in aroma therapy oils, attars and gulkand all over India and even abroad. The Kelkar products are now synonymous with purity, quality, authenticity and credibility. To enjoy and explore exciting and enriching world of these varieties of fragrances and essential oils which has holistic healing capacity we must visit Abhijeet Kelkar's Shop.
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