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Psychotherapy for Entrepreneurial Endeavor

Emerging Brand : Dr.Aashiesh Tavkarr (The Holistic Leadership Clinic)

Do you remember the movie ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ and Munnabhai’s ‘Chemical Locha’? This ‘Chemical Locha’ is always there in our mind…and it affects of professional and social life as well…may it be a common man, a professional, a politician, an industrialist or an entrepreneur. We often come across criminal psychologists, clinical psychologists or psychotherapists dealing with these issues, but there are ‘Entrepreneurship psychotherapists’ also, who actually works like a ‘doctor of your business’.

What has a psychotherapist to do with your business? How do they differ from a Business Trainer? Have you ever questioned yourself about your behavior deciding the fate of your business?

Well, to get these queries solved meet one of the foremost occupational therapists in the country Dr Aashiesh Tavkarr. The founder member of International Association of Facilitators, USA and a member of the International Association of Coaches, USA, Aashiesh carries a rich experience of two decades in occupational therapy and has been bringing a new wave of appropriate mental health discussions with respect to entrepreneurial development.
Commenting on why a psychotherapeutic intervention is important for an entrepreneurial endeavor, Aashiesh says, “Entrepreneurship is a mindset. Often the psychological aspect of entrepreneurship is overlooked. It is the behavior of an entrepreneur that critically influences his business. Behavior of a person is a set of thought processes and habits that can be modified or changed completely as per the requirement of our enterprise or business.”

He cited some examples where entrepreneur’s psyche or his emotional and relational health is responsible for the poor growth of the business. If acknowledged timely and intervened effectively, the dying business can be revived.

According to Aashiesh, a successful entrepreneur needs qualities such as risk taking, leadership, aggressiveness, social consciousness, open mindedness etc. These qualities can be imbibed at any point of business, at any age through behavioral change. This change affects immensely and positively on the entrepreneurial excellence.

Aashiesh has designed an extensive 15-month programme having six modules spread over 180 hours (each module comprising 10 sessions and each session of three-hour duration) and 400 exercises. He specially highlights the difference between training and therapy. “Therapy does alteration of thoughts. Our thoughts and behavior are not shaped up overnight. Its roots can be found in our childhood. Hence, a therapist works deep around the neural network and subconscious mind. We must first understand our triggers or what causes us to engage in that behavior.”

Aashiesh mentions number of success stories of his clients who experienced exponential business growth and better outcomes after undergoing the therapy. Some of the prominent organization that have experienced from interactions with Aashiesh include Taj Hotels, TCS, LG, Tata Motors Limited, Tata Capital, Tata Yutaka, IBM, HINDALCO, BHEL, Hardwar, Amdocs, BMC Software, Raymond Limited, SAP Labs, Hewlett Packard, Cognizant, Lupin, Sandoz, Sauer Danfoss India Pvt. Ltd., Symantec, ICICI Bank, CSC, GCI Asia Technologies, EXL, Rohan Builders, Wipro, WNS, PanseAutocomp, Sahara India - Amby Valley, Magic Software and Buhler India.

Aashiesh also speaks about mental health crisis in start-ups. According to him, the founders of start-up businesses should undergo entrepreneurship therapy first so that they would understand whether they are fit for entrepreneurship or not. The therapy would help them exploring their potentials as an entrepreneur.

Moreover, Aashiesh, has designed a four-day therapy based, personal growth workshops for managers and also for the marketing field force, titled “Rediscovering Happiness”. A certified Clinical Master Hypnotist and certified Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a member of the American Hypnosis Association, USA and also a member of National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Psychology, Florida, USA, Aashiesh had the unique privilege of being trained in Hypnosis and NLP by some of the foremost experts and trainers and has attended several seminars conducted by internationally acclaimed experts like Dr. William Horton, Dr. Arthur Emrich and Dr. Dick McHugh, S.J., Dr. Charles Allen Lingo, Jr. to name a few. Having been trained in these newer areas of mind science he uses an integrated approach to achieve quicker and more effective results while dealing with diverse mental and behavioral issues.

Trained as a Competency Mapping Assessor and Behavioral Counselor, Aashiesh is a government approved MSME mentor, corporate trainer, motivational speaker, and a columnist as well. His articles on Power and Theory of the Mind, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and various aspects of Entrepreneurship Development, Human Resources, General Management and Change Management have appeared in leading newspapers and magazines.

So, if you are worrying about the future of your business or if your business is not doing well, then it’s time to consult Dr Aashiesh! Not exaggerating, but it is the need of the hour for the entrepreneurial community to consult occupational therapist to boost their businesses. Although an emerging trend in India, entrepreneurship psychotherapy needs to be cultivated and flourished.
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