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Emerging Brand : Chaya Allegra (The Agerra Beach Resort)

Recently I came across a quote by an unknown author, saying 'Hospitality is something that needs to be practiced and valued, especially in today's hurting culture.’

So true it is! And meet Ms Allegra Chaya, a Hospitality Expert, who knows better the value of hospitality. Her 'Allegra Hospitality' provides all the services and trainings regarding hotel and hospitality industry. Moreover, she has set an example by putting all her ideas in establishing her own resort namely 'The Agerra Beach Resort' at Diveagar in Konkan.

The brainchild of Chaya, Allegra (meaning 'Spreading Happiness) and Agerra (meaning 'Ageless') were simultaneously started in 2014. About her services, Chaya says, “There are many players in this industry teaching how to start a restaurant or how to run a franchise. But I offer a package of customized services like starting new
restaurant/café/hotel, converting an old house or a piece of land into a tourist point, value addition, specialized training to chefs, gardeners, receptionist, Yoga trainers etc at the hotel. Allegra also offers a support up to one year after the consultancy.”

Hailing from Kalyan, Chaya is the first generation entrepreneur in her family and has been visualizing her dream since 2008. Earlier she had worked as a HR manager in a software company. She also tried her hands in event management activities and floral decoration. “I love interacting with people, sharing experiences. So, I never wanted to be in a typical office job. I'm a good chef as well. Thus, I combined all these qualities and decided to enter in the Hotel and Hospitality industry,” she says.

Initially, it was very tough time for her to settle down in the business. At times, she worked for more than 12 hours a day. But her will-power and her faith in God paid off. “There were times when I felt everything was finished. Financial problems and mental stress were always there. But I was patient enough to wait and work,” she recalls.

Her experience says if you achieve 20 percent of your goal, your confidence automatically reaches to a high level. Through 'Allegra Hospitality', Chaya wants to support the new comers, thus saving their money and time. “If you seek right advice at right time from a right person it helps your business to boost. Food and beverages, services, housekeeping and administration are the four pillars of hotel and hospitality industry. The quality of these services directly affects your business. Hence, it is always advisable to seek consultancy,” she recommends. There are number of factors like housekeeping, lobby cleaning, room services etc that influences the hotel business, where Chaya offers specialized training.

“Hotel industry is just not about the food. It talks about health, spirituality, fashion, music, relaxation, productivity, creativity and many more. Almost 50 percent of the business deals finalize at the meetings held at hotels!” she believes.

She has conducted free seminars on hospitality and hotel management at MCCIA, Pune; Bedekar College, Thane, in Alibaug and Jodhpur, Rajasthan etc so far. It had helped a lot of hotel-owners to restart or continue their business; otherwise they were willing to shut down it. “Allegra offers services countrywide and abroad. I also offer consultancy for converting an old hotel into an entirely new with a royal outlook with Spa and Yoga facilities. Recently, I have offered consultancy for a Heritage Hotel in Jodhpur,” she says adding that her focus is always on maintaining the natural base for developing an exterior of a hotel may it be in an urban, rural, coastal or hilly terrain.

Agerra Beach Resort is the mirror image of her philosophy- the exterior is 'Natural' and the interior is 'Luxurious'. Nestled in a 'wadi'- a garden of betelnut and coconut trees- Agerra provides an opportunity to engage in enlightened experiences accompanied with the local environment. Here, Chaya focuses on the local Malvani

cuisine and culinary practices. “She always urges for using fresh vegetables and fishes, no Ajinomoto, no Maida, no artificial colours, no preservatives and no frozen food,” she proudly says.

A great admirer of Ms Veena Patil of Veena World in her professional life, Chaya has a huge influence of her mother Ms Kusum Bhalerao in her personal life. For the women entrepreneurs, Chaya recommends to side-track the tensions in day-to-day life and show the courage to live your dreams. “Every woman has a special ability and skill. It can be converted into a business. If you are dreaming to be an entrepreneur, you have to scarify your personal life,” she advocates

Chaya's business mantra is- 'Avoid negativity. Chalk out a perfect plan and follow it patiently.' “Work waits for nobody. So go on working, innovating and upgrading. Avoid sailing in many boats at a time. Calculate factors like money, available time, age and focus on your goal,” she signs off.

So, visit 'Agerra' to feel the nature's beauty and consult 'Allegra' to become a successful hotelier!
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